This is a journey across three different British landscapes, Seven Sisters park, Wild park, River Adur park. The movement on the public bus for reaching them represents a waiting and an expectation about these unknown places, limitless landscapes. 
I did the same journey a lot of times, I walked around the lands a lot of times trying to remember everything I had seen before, but she couldn't perfectly. It was as if the waiting on the bus cancelled the memories I had collected about the places even if I have been there before, taking almost the same pictures.

Each day becomes a repetition of the same actions, it does not matter that the places were different: the same pictures about the same place have turned into the same pictures through the three landscapes, until they started to get confused.
 My purpose of these pictures is to make an experience about the limitless places and make it as sincere as possible, asking questions about the concept of sincerity in our world full of ambiguity.

Seven Sisters park, Wild park, River Adur park, 2018.

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